The launch of the Omani grant

Inaugurated governor of Hadramout Khaled Said Aldini today in Mukalla distribution of Omani food aid to poor families and needy in the directorates coast of Hadramout.


The benefit of this aid provided by the Oman's Authority for Charitable with coordination and cooperation of the Islamic Cultural Society and Charitable in Mukalla and compassionate Charity in Tarim, 24 thousand families on a different level Directorates and the province of Hadramaut, the commercial group of Almihdhar supplied the aid from the local markets.This include food aid that provided by BMC Almihdhar and Trade Co., Ltd.  firm integrated on a basket containing rice, flour, edible oil, sugar and powdered milk , tea and cans of tuna fish ..

During the inauguration the governor expressed his thanks and appreciation for the brothers in the Oman to provide this humanitarian aid to their brothers from poor families and needy in the province, noting that the provision of such aid , food aid will contribute to help the poor and needy in this holy month, urged good men of charity to redouble their humanitarian efforts and charity to help the poor and needy to serve the humanitarian and charitable work and enhances the spirit of solidarity in the community.