General Committee meeting of Al-burak express company.

Held Thursday morning in Hadramout Chamber of Commerce and Industry, general meeting of Al-burak express Ltd. company in Mukalla, which includes 29 partners from Yemenis and Saudis businessmen, the meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Board Mr. Mohsen Ben Ali Almehdhar whose elected since the founding and the beginning of the company's activity. 


After welcoming, he started the speach by reminding the attendees of the ultimate goal for which the company was established in connecting the bonds of trust, cooperation, exchange of experiences and interests between shareholders.

Followed by the review of scheduling the company's activity and business in the Board of Directors' report, which was adopted by the General Assembly, during which the attendees expressed thanks and gratitude to the President and members of the Board of Directors for their efforts in the troubled circumstances that the country going through, during the meeting also discussed the financial report and duties discharge of the Board of Directors, after the administration recommended a dividend of shares to the  shareholders.

The meeting included several discussions in the upgrading work of the company and its development, one of its most important was to open new aspects with oil service companies, and discuss the possibility of diversification and expansion of the company's business activity in the areas of air and sea freight as a major goal the administration seeks to achieve since its establishment besides its activities in the field of road transport.

The meeting ended by visiting the site and the staff of the company, checking their status, listening to their problems and meet their requirements.

The shareholders expressed thanks to the staff of the company on the efforts being made ​​by them.

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